Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make a plan Stan

The plan is to take pictures of Blondy with his artwork and post it here. Lets see if I can get that done. The best layed plans....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2nd Grade

Blondy got a great teacher and a classroom FULL (30 kids here in California now) of good friends. Hope he has a wonderful 1st day in 2nd grade! I put little notes in their lunch boxes today telling them how much we love them and to have a terrific day at school.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blondy starts 1st Grade

All the tests came back clear on his headaches!!! YEAHHH!! So we can pretty much manage them by keeping him hydrated, keeping him away from processed foods(mostly meats like sausage, hot dogs and salami) and away from caffeine and chocolate. The chocolate is the hard part. Just ask him what his favorite food is... his answer will be chocolate. We do let him have it in moderate doses. Occasionally in chocolate milk or on ice cream. That's about it.

Anyhow we are in full Fall swing getting into school and ready for homework and school projects galore. He has a wonderful teacher who is VERY creative and artistically driven. I think Blondy will fit right in.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mr Sand man, take me away

Blondy has his sleep diagnositic test in Sacramento tonight. Wish us luck. Hollywood is spending some one on one time with Gma K and Gpa D tonight and we'll meet him at the game tomorrow. Little fella seems to be bothering him. Can boys get UTI's? First the headaches, sinuses and now this? UGHHHH.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Fellow Friends

This morning I sent Blondy off to to the shower to undress and I followed him in and started the shower so it wasn't too hot (I know he can do it, I've watched him. But he's not 6 yet and I want to protect him from some things for just a little longer, ya know, like getting scalded by the shower and such)

ANYWAY, He gets undressed, goes pee-pee and looks down proclaiming... wait, your just gonna love this. Sorry buddy, I know I'm so dead but gotta tell everyone anyway....

"My weenie sure is a big fellow" so matter of factly that I (figuratively) almost peed my pants. LOL

Monday, March 10, 2008


FFP and I took Blondy to Sutter Hospital today for a pediatric neurology appointment after getting an unheard of referral from his general ped doc. With Blondy's constant headaches and migraines we needed a bit more than good old Dr. Tedford could give us so off we went for an afternoon excursion to Sacramento.

Blondy missed an afternoon of school and really didn't want to go. He actually said he'd rather just stay here but we had to explain that it doesn't work that way. He didn't fight us when it was time to go. The great thing is that Dr. Tedford's office called last Friday with the results of the MRI we had done the week before and they showed that he does have chronic sinus infections, and nothing more.

Dr. Khan was great. He has wonderful bedside manor which I would hope for if you went into pediatric anything. Jackson was cracking jokes and felt very comfortable with him. There were a few things that set off warning bells about his migraines though:

He snores
He reverted back to wetting the bed after being completely potty trained
He doesn't breath through his nose (he has to stop mid sentence to breath)
he has migraines (no brainer hu?) way too frequently
He tires easily

So the plan is to get a sleep study down at Sutter sometime this next month. After that we will see Dr. Khan again and depending on the sleep results he maybe referred to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. Dr. Khan believes he may have sleep apnea, not to the extent of not breathing but just not getting enough restful sleep. If this goes on too long it could have lasting problems, school work suffers, his attention span wanes, his fatigue increases and as an adult it can cause hypertension and lead to heart disease and stroke. So if we can nip this in the bud here and now, lets do it.

Some things we are able to do at home in the mean time is a regular bedtime, no chocolate (yes Blondy's world just might collapse), and no nitrates or processed meats (out goes the salami and hot dogs in his mac and cheese). For a child who is pretty picky about what he eats I'm cutting his diet in half. LOL. We are to the point that he goes hungry if he doesn't want to eat what I make. He gets his pick at breakfast and for the most part at lunch (I say you can have this or that and he picks one but I AM NOT A SHORT ORDER COOK). Dinner has been harder. He just doesn't like mexican food and that's what everyone else wants. I need to add some different recipes into my dinners and be more flexible I know.

So we survived today and I just can't wait for them to plug him into all those machines and then try to sleep, and me try to sleep too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Blondy goes in tomorrow morning at 7am to get an MRI for his Migrains. Thankfully its a no-constrast otherwise we would have had to do the sleep depravation so he would stay still. Thankfully this test should only take 20 minutes or so. He should be able to sit still at this age. I'll let you know when I get some news.